Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Few Roots Favorites

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by the blog-site to check out what I have been looking into and writing about. The blog is really an outgrowth of my interest in roots music that extends back to my college days in the early 1970's. With the wonders of the internet, gone are the days of poring over dusty old back issues of Downbeat in libraries. Things are so much easier now. Since the field of roots music is so vast, it always seems as though the new ideas far outnumber the number of hours required to fully research and develop them. Most of you have probably noticed that the focus of the blog has been historical; trying to situate musicians or styles in their corresponding periods and make some valid comparisons with preceding or different styles. I've been concentrating on the 1950's but will shift the focus depending on the post. Also, please feel free to comment on anything in the posts, I'm sure I can learn from things readers point out. Here is a list of just a few of the cuts that have recently impacted me and that will probably lead to some future posts.

JAZZ: I have always loved alto players and Tab Smith has always been a favorite, even his more commercially oriented stuff. "Rock City" is a wonderfully crafted arrangement, ultra smooth with a bluesy edge.

R&B: Absolutely love this version of "Got my Mojo Working" by Ann Cole. Very tight 1957 sound. Also, Roy Brown's "Queen of Diamonds" is another R&B gem with great sax work from the same year. What a year it was.

BLUES: I was blown away by the arrangement of T Bone Walker's 1945 "She is Going to Ruin Me." Sounds like Chuck Berry listened to T Bone very attentively. I have always admired Tampa Red and "It Hurts me Too" reminds me why.

COUNTRY: Webb Pierce's classic honky-tonk anthem "There Stands the Glass" is very nice, better than the Gordon cover.

ROCKABILLY: I was recently blown away by Harvey Hurt's "Big Dog Little Dog," if anyone knows who plays guitar on this song or more about Hurt please let me know. Also, early Eddie Cochran as Cochran Brothers "Tired and Sleepy" is an absolute gem.


  1. Your blog is just excellent thank you.
    This music is what I loved most in about 1968 before I got distracted by Frank Zappa and Randy Newman and Vandyke Parks.
    Now I'm going over to my pal Revd.Frost (he's so cool) at Spread The Good Word to give him your URL.
    Rock ON.

  2. Many thanks for stopping by. I have ideas for a lot of new posts, great to see you here.